EV Maintenance

What Services Does My EV Require?

EV Maintenance in Ocala, FL

There are many reasons why you should consider driving an all-electric Porsche: electrifying performance, luxurious materials, indulgent technology — the list goes on. Add to that list savings on maintenance costs. While a new Porsche is far from a conservative purchase, the lower maintenance costs of an all-electric model are incentives to invest. There’s also the priceless peace of mind that comes with driving a sustainable, eco-friendly vehicle. The Porsche E-Performance lineup includes both all-electric models and plug-in hybrids, but we’d like to focus on the all-electric Porsche Taycan models. If you’re curious how owning an EV lowers your maintenance costs and what services an EV requires, keep reading.

How Does Owning an EV Lower My Maintenance Costs?

Forget about oil changes and engine air filter replacements. Since Porsche Taycan models don’t operate with a traditional engine, some services can be left out completely. Others won’t be needed as often — for example, Car and Driver reports that EV owners shouldn’t need frequent brake pad and rotor replacements, unlike owners of gas-powered vehicles. All in all, all-electric owners report the cost of EV maintenance is typically one-third less than that of a traditional gas-powered car, according to Green Cars. Plus, that number does not include expenses covered by the EV battery warranty or new vehicle warranty. In short, you should look forward to relatively less expensive maintenance when you switch to an EV.

What EV-Specific Services Should I Schedule?

While some services can be cut out entirely, others are maintained or added. For example, since your EV has some similar mechanisms to gas-powered cars, those components will need service; these include windshield wiper replacements, fluid flushes, cabin air filter changes and tire rotations. EVs also require EV-specific services, like frequent tire inspections and suspension repairs, mostly due to the weight of those heavy EV batteries. Other services include electrical and cooling system inspections since those systems have the important job of preventing the battery from overheating. These are our recommendations for EVs in general, so if you’d like more information about your Porsche Taycan and which services to schedule, refer to your owner’s manual before scheduling your appointment with our expert team.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of switching to an EV, read our EV Benefits page. Owning a new Porsche Taycan is an experience unlike anything else, especially when you have your friends at Porsche of Ocala to service your model. Any questions? Contact us today or stop by our dealership at 5155 S. W. College Road Ocala, FL 34474. We look forward to serving our customers near Gainesville, The Villages and the Hernando area.